Fellowship One

Several of you have asked what we use for data management, and I do want to recommend Fellowship One.  It’s a web-based solution that takes care of everything from simple database, to tracking membership, follow up and giving.  Here’s some thoughts and how we use it.

  • I love that it’s web based.  I can access data from any computer.  Same goes for all our staff and users.  It’s also PC and Mac friendly.  It doesn’t require any servers or networks.
  • We use the contact feature quite a bit.  When I log in, I see the contacts that are assigned to me for follow up.  When a guest visits, I get a “contact” to send them an e-mail.  When I send it, I close the contact and it’s gone from my screen.  Other users get different contacts for different things.
  • We have volunteers that log on and help us with guest calls and hand written notes.  The system allows us to give people partial access so they can help with communication but not have access to giving records and sensitive data.
  • For our first year, it cost us about $500.  Now that we’ve grown, we’ll pay about $1500 a year, but the price is well worth it.
  • All of our data is in one easily-accessible and safe place. Our different ministries don’t have excel spreadsheets with data that can’t jive with other stuff.  I cannot emphasize this enough.   It’s important to get a solution to manage the whole enchilada before you have three different systems.
  • It has a kids check in feature, but it’s web dependent.  Since we don’t have Internet access where we meet, we can’t use this feature.  But they are telling us that some of the new wireless internet cards might work, so we’ll look into that soon.

4 comments so far

  1. Suzan on

    I am privileged to use Fellowship One and love it. I’m able to keep up with prayer requests and other needs. It’s great.

  2. Barry Leathers on

    Hey man,

    We’re launching in the theater this weekend and we’re using F1 checkin with wireless aircards. It’s definitely slower, but we’ve just added stations to make up the difference. Tomorrow will be our first “test” run. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. Tudor on

    Thank you for the great comments you made about our product. We always love to hear praise from churches that use Fellowship One.

    We are continuing to work hard everyday to improve the quality and features of Fellowship One.

    May God receive all the glory!

    Software Developer

  4. R Conners on

    We, too, run Fellowship One at our church. We are a portable church that meets in a local high school. I would encourage you (when you are ready) to check into wireless cards to run the children’s check-in software.

    The security that the parents feel and the reportability is irreplaceable.

    Blessings galore,
    Renee Conners

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