Consider the Cost

Being a portable church creates a lot of problems, but I confess that I really like it.  I’m sure my tune will change, but I love the fact that we’re not investing millions of dollars into bricks and steel, but into the lives of the people in Cartersville.

Being portable causes you to be creative and think outside the box.  You can either complain because things are too hard, or you can brainstorm new ways to do things.

Right now, we’re looking at a bunch of different location options, and we’ll end up with a combination of things.  Being small and being portable makes us use our brains.  We don’t have the luxury of just writing a check to solve problems.

One factor to consider is the actual cost.  For example, one train of thought is that we could duplicate our services with video.  We could have a live band and a video message.  But that involves us buying another sound system, lighting rig, and stage.  The other train involves us creating a service on Sunday night in a different venue.  Since we already have all the stuff to make Sunday morning happen, we would get more bang for the buck.  It gets twice the use out of the equipment.

We’ve even considered using a facility for a service that wouldn’t have childcare space?  What would we do?  What about renting a bunch of tumblebusses?


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  1. zachterry on

    I Pastor a Church with a multi-million dollar campus and there are days when I wish we could sell it and move to the local highschool. There is something about a campus that quickly turns into a cathedral and solidifies where the Church is at the moment. It’s sort of like buying a really nice outfit for your kid and rather than buying a new one as he or she grows and styles change, you have to piece new garments onto the old one to enable it to fit.

    I suppose the high school then would be like hand-me-downs. But I would rather have hand me downs that looks sort of cool than to be eternally stuck in a Don Johnson sports coat from the 80’s.

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