How We Count

Our goal in counting is to be accurate, not come up with the biggest number.  In addition to keeping tabs on attendance, we also track the offering, the offering per person, the number of first time guest cards received, salvation, and baptism numbers.  With multiple services, getting an accurate count can become problematic.  You have people there both times and you have to account for volunteers.  The simplest and most accurate way we’ve found is to count children and to count butts in seats.   Here’s specifics on how we arrive at our total worship attendance number.

  • In the kids areas, we only count children in our total attendance.  We assume that the leaders and teachers attend a service and they will be counted there.
  • In the services, we count the number of people in the seats.  In one of the services, we add the band, speaker, tech crew, etc.  We don’t count them in both services.
  • We don’t count our overflow kids area – the environment we design for kids who are there for both services.

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