What Do You Want to Know?

If we were going to write the ultimate church planting book, what do you want to really know about?  Here’s what I have so far.  Let me know what to add to the list.

1.    How do you know you’re supposed to plant a church?
2.    How do I learn what to do?
3.    How do you recruit and develop a core group?
4.    How much money will it take?
5.    How do I raise money?
6.    How do you set a budget?
7.    Should I get a part-time job?
8.    What systems should I create?
9.    What’s the deal with bylaws, finance teams, and incorporation?
10.     How can we get people to show up?
11.    Does direct mail work?
12.     How can we get people to stick around?
13.    How do I do something excellent on a budget?
14.    What should I focus on early on?
15.    How do we get people into small groups?
16.     How do we get people to volunteer?
17.     Where do we get staff?


4 comments so far

  1. Patrick Sievert on

    What do you pay your staff early on? Do you hire full-time staff right away? Part-time staff?

  2. Will Henderson on

    How important is specific training in church planting BEFORE launching?
    Are internships the way to go?
    Where do you recommend someone go to get this kinda focused training?
    What is a basic time line for the year before the launch through to 3 years after?

  3. randel hambrick on

    how do you calculate a fair salary for the head pastor, along with other staff?

    options on meeting spaces- pros and cons on schools, theaters, strip malls, etc. – cost differences of each

    connecting with the community- direct mail, outreaches, etc.. how to find relevant demographic info about the community and uncover it’s personality

    the order things should be done- timeline for each area- (for example, first focus on… then consider … etc….)

    resources for fundraising— are there grants available? national corporations that support these endeavors? would be great to have a list of resources and ideas on ways to pursue resources

    p.s. thanks for your site! it’s AMAZING. we appreciate you sharing 🙂

  4. krohnus on

    How do you discover the culture of the community and area you’re in?

    What free rescources are avilable to help accomplish this? cuz we ain’t got much chedda’

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