Made to Stick

If you haven’t read Made to Stick, you need to order it right now.  It’s worth the money and worth your time.  There are some phenomenal ideas in this book that will help church leaders and church planters.

One section of the book describes how movie maker pitch ideas to producers, who hear hundreds of pitches a month.  By comparing the movie to something the producer already knows, you’ll help him or her visualize the idea.  For example, trying to communicate the plot and the look of the movie Aliens might be tough.  Saying it was like “Jaws in Space” lets people know what it’s like.  They have seen Jaws, so they can relate.

We should do this for our church.  The average Joe in your community probably has a idea of what your church is like.  How can you put it in his terms so he’ll better understand?

Anyway, get the book. 


2 comments so far

  1. Jason Curlee on

    I’m going through this one right now and am loving the first chapter on simple….I think if we just followed that advice alone and made things as simple as possible we could enhance our focus.

  2. bradruggles on

    Great book…now if only I could finish the other 300 church-plant-related books on my shelf right now!

    Brad Ruggles

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