Reaching Lost People

As a staff, we’ve been really taking about how to do a better job of reaching lost people in Cartersville.  Our church is open to everyone, including Christians who want to be a part of a big vision.  But what really fires me up is hearing stories about life change.  I want Oak Leaf Church to excel in reaching people who are far from God and leading them to where God wants them to be.  We’re looking hard at some events and philosophies, including:

  • We’re launching a venue on Sunday nights – a service that will take place in a bar.   It will be similar to the morning service, but we’ll add a question and answer time.  We’re going to go after men and young adults.
  • We’re ramping up for Easter Weekend, including the Cartersville Egg Drop and an out-of-the-box Easter service.
  • We are really encouraging our entire church to invest in a relationship with one person who might be far from God.  Sacrifice a relationship with a Christian if you have to.
  • I’m making a personal effort to be around more lost people.  I’ve gone to play cards at a bar three weeks in a row now.  It’s not a publicity stunt.
  • We’re doing a series on the family in March – this series is designed to be a big help to people and should give people an easy invite.
  • We’re ramping up some community service and outreach projects.  We’ve got some crazy ideas on a dry erase board and I’m praying though them.

What about you?  How does your church reach the unchurched or those far from God?


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  1. bigcreekbill on

    Service has been a big doorway into the hearts and lives of the underresourced and unchurched in our county. We go into communities and show God’s love in practical ways.

    Also, we are working toward a Parenting and Marriage initiative that allows us to speak into the lives of the unchurched in our county. We have a lot of affluence in Forsyth County, but even the affluent are struggling to keep their marriages together and to parent their children. We want to approach these issues with humility and as co-strugglers and enter into a conversation with them to look toward restoring marriages and healing relationships…this is still a work in progress.

  2. Chris on

    I love this blog. I think if I lived in your town this would be the kind of church I’d be a part of.

  3. tylerjz on

    How exactly do you guys do the egg drop? Thinking of doing this in Florida, but don’t know where to start…

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