Evaluating Sunday

We’re really big on setting measurable, attainable goals.  How many small groups do we need?  If we have a target, we can know how we’re doing.  Open-ended goals aren’t usually good.  For example, “lose 5 pounds in two months” is much better than “get healthy.”

One of my five goals is to improve our Sunday morning service.  But since that was pretty open ended, we came up with a simple scoring system.  I ask everyone on our staff to give a score (1 to 5) for setup, kids check in, kidventure, the welcome, the use of humor, the flow of the program,  lighting, music, message and the overall feeling of the Spirit.  We tally the numbers and come up with averages. And then, we get a score for each service.

So now my six month goal is to have an average score of 4.2, up from 3.8.


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  1. Chris on

    This looks really helpful and practical. What kind of instruction did you give them heading in to this? For example, did you ask them to look for specific things when it comes to lighting or are you asking them to rate how the lighting affected their overall experience?

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