Group Text Messaging

For a few months, we’ve been asking our people for permission to send them periodic text message updates.  So far, we have about 200 cell phone numbers and permission to send messages.  Seems like it would be good way to send a quick reminder.

But I don’t know of a decent and affordable way to send out group text messages.  Anyone got any ideas?


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  1. david on

  2. bigcreekbill on

    We use – a little different than texting but it sends out a group voicemail via cell phones.

    We haven’t used this service much, but this looks like it has potential.

    Let me know how it works for you.

    Bill at

  3. Kestrel on

    Check out, They offer various interfaces to send the SMS (web interface, API, software) and you can manage/load mobile numbers into names, groups etc.

    The price for each sms can vary as it’s based in South Africa but I’ve gotten sms for as little as AUD 7 cents.

  4. Bobby Williams on

    Also check out and I heard Josh Griffin from Saddleback talking about some things they used on his blog at

  5. erickyp on

    If I am not mistaken, you use Fellowship One right? Do they have that option? We use a web based church program similar to Fellowship called EzRA and we can group text with it.

  6. Charles McKinley on

    Try Broadtexter it is a free program. It can be found at you can also see an example of how you can implement it into a webpage for automated signup on my webpage


  7. Boyd Bettis on

  8. Michael on

    doesn’t look like calling post sends texts. we do use them to send voice calls.

    broadtexter looks cool, but it requires you to know the person’s mobile carrier. maybe everyone will need that info???

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