Anybody have a small baptistry that they want to get rid of?  Any ideas on where you buy one of these things?


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  1. Hal Mayer on

    We bought one from
    A little over 2k. Easy to set up and tear down. We actually use it inside

  2. David Wilson on

    Hey Michael. First thanks for all the insight you’ve provided through “Behind the Leaf”. Might not be a planter, but turn around guys need help too.

    Second, we got our baptistry from

    Like a big hot tub you can put up and take down. We’re planning on doing away with it in favor of baptizing in public at the beach, but I better hang onto it for now. But check out that vendor. We bought one they had used at a trade show and saved a little cash.

    Again, thanks so much and may God continue to bless you.

    New Hope
    Valparaiso, FL

  3. Chris Genders on

    I recently saw a church use a horse/cow watering trough on their stage as a portable baptistry. Just a thought in case you can’t find an “official” one…

  4. Brad Christian on

    We just went in with a few church plants in Eastern NC and picked up a portable baptistry from

    We used it 2 weeks ago for the first time and it worked pretty well. Heated up some pretty cold water too.

  5. carl on

    Do something different. There is a large church near me that uses their fountain out front as a baptistry. I am in south Florida so that might be more feasible here but I like that it is different.

    I have seen others use small above ground pools and the like.

  6. C Dub on

    This has worked well for us. (minus the flowers)

  7. Rusty on

    We use a plastic watering trough that we bought at the Farmers Co-op. Come to find out, they come in a couple of different shapes. The one we use is somewhat round. We joke about it being our hot tub.

  8. eric on

    As a Church plant we’ve done various things… pool, jacuzzi, etc. We even had one of our guys build one out of plywood and plastic lining (I wouldn’t suggest it).

    The best one that we’ve used was a jacuzzi that someone put on a motorcycle trailer. We use it all the time because it’s portable and easy to use. Just pull it up to your location, dress it up a bit and fill it with water.

  9. Mathias Grehn on

    Look at this one:

    Quite interesting. You can also check out this company:

    We don’t use portable stuff, instead we use a pool or the ocean and shoot a video + testimony that we show on Sunday.

  10. alex mclean on

    We’ve thrown a hot tub on a trailer…

  11. jimmy on

    I used to sell baptistries, etc. I sold one to TBC to use in the Bread of Life ministry.
    I think is is actually small enough to be considered portable and it has an immersion heater. I don’t know if we are still using it or not, but you could check.

    There is a company in Texas, I think they are close to Houston, named Little Giant. Look them up on the web. I may still have some literature. Their pool prices are competitive but the nice thing with them is they manufacture the heaters so that may be a little cheaper.

    There is also a company [or was] in Chattanooga that manufactures the pool but they were a little pricey and one in Roanoke, AL.

    Those, among many others, are relatively close except Little Giant. I mostly sold Little Giant.

    There is a good way to save money. Freight is a pretty significant part of the price. The size you seem to want will easily fit a pick-up or small trailer. If someone will donate the time and gas to go get it you can get a good savings.

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