Lord’s Supper

We are going to do a Lord’s Supper service in May, and I’m praying about a way to make it really meaningful to our people.  I don’t really want to pass the crackers and tiny crackers, because that seems so tired.  Has anybody seen a fresh way to celebrate communion?


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  1. david on

    one idea is to use real unleavened bread. have people just tear off a piece.

    you can set up stations with the bread and wine (juice…)and have people visit the stations.

    i think it’s neat to have people serve each other. have one person from each row get enough for everyone. as they hand each other the elements, they can say something like “Christ’s body, broken for you”…

  2. Bill on

    I was going to go exactly where David went. At BigCreekChurch we do communion every week, and therefore we try different ways to do so that it doesn’t ever become stale. One very meaningful way we do it is have our elders at stations throughout the sanctuary with a chalice of either wine or juice (we have some elders with either) and some of the unleaven Hawaiian bread. This is called intinction where the person tears off the bread and dips it into the wine/juice. When they approach the station, they are invited to take the elements, and the elder will say “this is His body broken for you…” but he will also pray for them. Many people tell us that it is very meaningful to be cared and prayed for.

    This is one way…the other ways we do (we rotate these throughout the month) Pass the trays, family/table communion, stations (regular and intinction)

  3. Andrea P on

    I think the key word there is “celebrate”.. So many times, I have “participated” in communion – but never celebrated it. Oakleaf does such an excellent job in invigorating the congregation (swear – I felt like I could have run a marathon after my first visit (thank goodness I didn’t)), why not have a celebration? Do it up “God-Style!”
    This is a huge event – not a solemn, melancholy, event. I mean, this is Christ’s body broken for you – what a gift!
    Hope this helps.

  4. alex mclean on

    We do the ripped bread too, but we have a team that “pre-rips” all the bread so that germ-freaks don’t get weirded out.
    Still do the old juice in little plastic cups.

  5. david on

    bill, if you weren’t so far away i’d like to meet you… i think you might be the southern/presbyterian version of me!

    another thought on communion is to do it in small groups rather than sunday gatherings…

  6. Jeff on

    I like to use King’s Hawaiian Bread, it is sweet and soft as a reminder of God’s love and protection. I also like to use great big chunks of bread; something for people to chew on, something that is filling and nourishing.

    Usually I do this in a small group setting.

    However, a table full of huge loaves of this bread would be an impressive visual. You could use upbeat music, lights, balloons, etc. (especially if including kids). Build it up to be a celebration as others have lifted up.

  7. Bobby Williams on

    One thing we’ve done before is totally cover everything in candles…candles out the wazoo! We are doing communion on Sunday and will do the candles, got a HUGE cross on stage…covered in candles, video in the background….and band going loud for the celebration! People will come to different areas, where someone will have the bread and the wine (juice), give it to them and say a prayer for them (the elders).

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