Ministry Filters

One of the toughest things about being on staff at a staff led church is that you aren’t just involved in your “ministry,” you are involved in almost everything related to the leading of the church. This is especially difficult for the staff that makes up the Lead Team. These guys not only have to lead their areas and think big picture, but they then have to make sure they can filter out stuff that will slow them down. Sometimes is huge projects, random questions, theological debates, and all other kinds of things things we end up discussing on a weekly basis.

In an effort to help our leaders be more effective I created sets of diagnostic questions that will help them be more productive. Maybe it will help other leaders too, but for now I have included Worship, Groups, and Assimilation…

Connections Pastor:

1. Assimilation – Do our guests get followed up with? Do we know what happens to them? Do we know what their experience was like and why or why not they would come back?

2. Volunteers – Does our structure and system allow for us to find and funnel volunteers into Kid’s Check-In, Greeters, Ushers, and the Parking Team? In so, how are we improving it? If not, what immediate steps are we making to fix the problem?

3. Partnership/Membership – How many people can we call Partners of Oak Leaf Church? Do we consistently add people to that number and how does it happen? What steps do these people need to take once they become “Partners?”

Small Groups Pastor:

1. Journey Groups – Does our church have regular connection points where OLC attenders can join a group? How do we know if a group is successful? What is the regular attendance in our small groups? How do we train our next group of leaders? How does we measure spiritual growth?

2. Community Outreach – What is our strategy for being in the community? Are we doing accomplishing our mission by the events we attend and/or put on in the community? How does the church connect the dots, in other words how does the church see the point in helping at these events and/or volunteer at them?

3. Benevolence/Care – Outside of the Journey Group structure, how will a person get cared for? How will make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks in the event of a personal or community wide tragedy? What is our plan to help those outside/inside of our church? Does it work like it should or do we have to turn many people away?

Worship Pastor:

1. Worship – Does the service we put on for people on Sunday morning cause them to engage God or to be entertained? How are we working to make it more worshipful (engaging)? What are you doing to become a better worship leader? In other words, who are you watching, how have you changed your style, and what in the service will truly create momentum where people meet God? How can we engage people better to connect to God through multiple mediums (video, music, etc.)?

2. Creative Arts – Does the improvements we make and the creativity we exhibit cause people to impressed or for them to think that we gave God our best? How are we improving the ministry for the benefit of volunteers who serve, for staff to have longevity, and for the church to see it as important?

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


2 comments so far

  1. Pete Wilson on

    It’s tough job Anthony. Keep up the great work!

  2. david on

    good stuff. thanks, anthony. maybe in the first set of questions for groups, you could add something about measuring spiritual growth?

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