Online Discussion

I’m going to host a free online chat for church planters on Tuesday, April 8 at 2pm EST.  We’ll talk about ideas, series, and what is working in your church plant. We will use Basecamp to host the chat, and you’ll be able to download a transcript when you’re finished.   If you are interested in participating, leave a comment and I will send you the login information.


10 comments so far

  1. pastormarty on

    I’d love to be involved Michael.

  2. Ben Dubow on

    I would love to, but will be out of the country…

    Great idea!


  3. Patrick Sievert on

    I’ll be working in the middle of nowhere, but I’ll try to participate if I can.

  4. verticalchurch on

    I would love to be involved.
    Jason Taylor in Yuma

  5. Mark on

    Great idea… I would like to participate.

  6. Will Henderson on

    I’d love to be able to learn and grow through this conversation, please count me in!!

  7. carl on

    count me in please!

  8. Chris Elrod on

    Please count me in if there is still room.

  9. stevewhip on

    i’ll plan to be there

  10. Ellis Prince on

    Thank you. I should be able to stop during my travel long enough to connect. Looking forward to it.

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