Church Planter Chat

Lots of people checking in to be a part of a church planter chat room on Tuesday, April 8 at 2pm EST. Here’s those that are going to join us.

This looks like a full crowd, so I’ll go ahead and declare this full.  Check back here for the link to the chat room fellas and I’m looking forward to our discussion.

7 comments so far

  1. Bobby Williams on

    Hey Michael! I saw your post about the Planters Chat room and I would love to participate! I’m a planter who is in the pre-launch phase. We are planting in Oak Ridge Tn in early 2009 would love to share some of what God has shown me and more importantly sit and learn. I’m such a sponge right now!

    So, if at all possible, I’d love to be included in the chat. Thanks again Michael for what you post and all you do for the kingdom!

  2. bradruggles on

    I wish I could make it but I’ve got an appointment at 2. This is an awesome idea. I hope you schedule another one soon.

    Brad Ruggles

  3. J.R. Lee on

    I’m in if you have any room.

  4. Mark on

    I would like to participate. Thanks

    Mark James

  5. Barry Whitlow on

    Would it possible to get a copy of the transcript from the Chat?? That would be great!

  6. paulpeterson on


    If someone dies or bails I’d love to be a part of this.

  7. Bobby Williams on

    Looking forward to being there!

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