Free Sermon Resources

Here’s some zip files containing message notes, keynotes (mac’s version of powerpoint), psd files and other graphics for some of our recent sermon series. Use them at will.

1. Tattoo. This was a one part series (i know, technically not a series) about being marked for Christ. We did this on Easter of 08.

2. Confessions of a Pastor. Contains I don’t most christians, i’m not always a good parent, i hate prayer meetings and sometimes, i doubt God.

3. KidNation. Three weeks on parenting…covers values, what kids need and discipline. I think this one was very well received by our church.

4. Google. Did this in january to talk about some of life’s most searched for topics…fame, money, sex, and politics. Fun topics.

5. Regift. This goes back to last december, where we focused on giving to others what we have been given by God.

6. Dominate. This was four parts on the mission of our church, fueled by the story of the early church advancing and dominating a region with the Gospel.

You can listen to the audio of these via our podcast, or watch videos on our website.


2 comments so far

  1. Emily on

    Thanks for stuff like this. It’s a big help to smaller churches!

  2. Barry Whitlow on

    Michael, Thanks for sharing your/Oakleaf gifts and strengths with our church. One of the greatest challenges as lead pastor of a newer church with a limited resources, is having to invest an enormous amount of time early on developing from scratch, the organizational structure needed to grow. Your resources allow me to stay focused on developing the foundations in which to grow, while also delivering weekly messages that are high quality and help people grow. Your generosity is helping ‘lift’ our entire organization. Many thanks!

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