The 250 Project

On our two year anniversary, we are going back to the movie theater where we started and launching a second campus.  We believe this will allow us to reach more people for Christ.  We’ll do the teaching via video, and everything else will be live.

The reason I’m talking about this on this blog is because I’d like to ask for your help to pay for it.  We’re asking all of our leaders to participate, but I’d love to throw the challenge out to the church world.  We are looking for 250 people/churches to give $250.  That would help us launch the campus without having to use my credit card!  We’ll launch the site on our two year anniversary, and that’s a little crazy.  We don’t really have the money to do it, but we believe God wants it to happen.

We will always provide information, documents, series resources, etc via this blog.  Our commitment is to help church planters.  If your church has gotten any use from this, would you consider participating in this project?  Would your church be willing to leverage $250 to help another church launch a campus?

If you’re interested, you can go here.  We’ve put information about the launch there, and there’s links where you could give via paypal.


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