A little organization…

I have heard people wonder out loud how Oak Leaf Church is organized. In other words, who makes the decisions, who holds the people who make the decisions accountable, and how is the whole thing led? I am going to try to answer that question in this post.

This is a staff led church. That means the staff must meet the qualification of an elder. It also means they will lead the church without committees or deacons, instead our staff acts as the guiding elders and leads the church to where God wants to take us. The next question is how do you make the decision of where to go? It’s easy, God tells Michael, he tells us and we make it happen. In the uneasiness that follows someone will always want to know who holds Michael accountable? The answer to that is…4 pastors of significant church in the Southeast. They can fire Michael, they set his salary, and they approve our budget.

The greatest benefit of being organized this way is that the vision doesn’t get blurry and we can work quickly to fulfill the mission.

If you want to see what it looks like on paper click here.

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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