Only One Good Reason

I know there are a lot of church planters and potential church planters that read this blog, and wanted to put my 2 cents into the question:  why start a church?

You should NOT start a church for any of the following reasons:

  • you think it would be fun
  • the little old ladies at your last church said you were a better speaker than the real preacher
  • you are a youth pastor and thats as hard as being a lead pastor
  • your friends have told you that you’d be a good pastor
  • you don’t like the worship style of your last church
  • a Seminary professor said you should be a pastor
  • you like to teach, preach, speak, or whatever you call it
  • church planting is the latest hot ministry fad

There is ONLY one good reason to plant a church.  That’s it.  One.  Uno. You should only start a church if God has specifically, directly, blatently, clearly told you to do it.


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  1. Mark Rouse on

    Great post… as someone who is feeling the call to planting a new church and trying to be sure it’s truly from God, I’m scared to death of any of those sources of improper callings creeping in.

    By the way, thanks for the post about Adam Walker and the blog hosting, he just got finished setting me up.

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