Unwritten Rules of Church Planting

Anyone that has planted a church that’s more than a year or two old knows that there are some unwritten rules of church planting.  Anyone want to leave a comment and leave your unwritten rule?


4 comments so far

  1. Tony Chimento on

    You will absolutely have to speak and repeat and repeat and repeat the vision. You will have to fight to keep the vision defined and protected. And when you think you have communicated it enough, you will have to tell the vision again and again. If you aren’t choking on it, you will.

  2. travis johnson on

    Never trust the guy that says he’s got your back…on the first day you meet him.

  3. Don Record on

    Innovation comes out of Desparation…

  4. carl on

    Teach others how to do things. Be prepared to do it yourself.

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