Ed Young on Church Pirates

Some pretty strong words to church planters from Ed Young.  I am sure there will be some disagreement, but having been on both sides of this, I think I know what he is trying to say.  What do you think?


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  1. Chris Elrod on

    Betrayal has been a running theme in some of Ed’s talks over the past year…obviously he got hosed by someone on his staff (name one of us that hasn’t). Personally…I think some pastor in South Florida could label Fellowship’s video venue down there as a form of church piracy. Ed needs to get some counseling and move on…he’s got one big ass church…he needs to stop his whining!

  2. carl on

    It is one thing when a guy on your staff starts a church across the street with a bunch of your people. It is another when someone feels called to a specific group of people and they leave the comfort of the big church to go minister to them.

    I think I understand what he is saying but it seems to be a bit broad.

  3. Chris Elrod on

    A few weeks back I heard an audio recording of Ed talking about this. He mentioned in that one about having problems with staff that quit to go start a church “across” town. Across town in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex is dang near 6o miles. If anyone has a right to complain it’s Andy concerning Louie!!! 🙂

  4. Rev Scottie on

    One thing that really surprised me was Ed’s description of “boutique” churches. I would certainly put Fellowship’s video venues in this category because they are designed to reach a very specific target. It’s not like he or Andy Stanley reach out into places without churches to plant a video venue either.

    I hope the point he was really trying to get across was how wrong it is to go into a church with the intent of eventually causing a “civil war” within it and establishing your own church as a result.

  5. Johnny on

    He seems to have lost focus… his comments are not good for anyone. Outward symptoms of internal issues. He needs to get help and move forward.

  6. jon on

    Pastors lose all relevance when they complain from the pulpit about other churches and other denominations. Ed dropped “the corporate world” statement in there too. Sorry, but the Church is not a corporate organization. Yeah, that whole 501c3 tax-exempt thing kinda removes any comparison to the corporate world. Churches try to be “corporate” sometimes, but it’s, at best, the minor leagues compared to the big boys.

    Ed has a problem with God’s plans it sounds like to me. Sure, there are some guys who started off in a mega-church with intentions of someday starting their own church…….. Wait a minute, that’s almost every Church planter. That’s how God works Ed. He leads people to a certain place, prepares them, and guides them to sew seeds elsewhere.

    Ed’s ego has been hurt it sounds like with people living his Church and going to worship at Churches led by people who were beneath him. Typical mega-church Pastor ego and not surprising. I hope he can get some help.

  7. cccinfo on

    This isn’t typical Ed. He’s not talking about himself, he’s talking about Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin “planting” in his good friend Andy Stanley’s back yard. It’s messed up.

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