Gettin’ Organized

One of the things that helps the most in running a church or running any business is the ability to know how things are suppose to work. It doesn’t do any good to have a hamburger flipper at McDonalds that doesn’t know who to talk to if they run out of fries. Likewise, at Oak Leaf Church, we have spent a lot of time getting our ministries organized, so that our volunteers can contact the right person when they need something.

The absolute most important part of the organization (or org chart) is who needs to be shepherding a particular group of people. In other words, what Pastor really needs to be investing in these volunteers to make sure that they know how they can care for them, what their needs are, and if they are being discipled effectively.

The way we have chosen to get organized is to layer teams of volunteers into specific levels. At each level of volunteerism there is a specific level of investment by the pastor or the Lead Volunteer in that area.

We hope that this will really enable us to minister to people effectively (even if they aren’t in a Journey Group…which we hope they are) and help people feel connected no matter how large the Lord chooses to grow Oak Leaf. The program we used, because we are Mac lovers, was Omnigraffle. You can download it here.

If you want to see it by specific ministries you can download each of them by clicking on the following links.


Family Ministry


Journey Groups

– Anthony Gratto, Executive Pastor


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