Church Planting Guru

I know that there are lots of Christians and Pastors that are all over the church planters that have immediate success. The guys who go out and grow a church quickly to out of control sizes and make significant progress for the Kingdom of God.

I also know that there are some Pastors who have stayed with their plan to change to country and the world, not just a city, with a methodical plan to plant churches all of the time, in lots of places, for as long as they can.

I want to give a shout out to one of my church planting mentors who has taught me tons about putting church planting in the DNA of your church and not deviating from the plan to see new churches popping up all over. The church is Northwood in Keller, Texas. I went through their church planting school half a dozen years ago and learned a ton about church planting. In case you want to learn more or pursue church planting you can follow a couple of the links below and check Dr. Bob Roberts out in a little more detail…it will be well worth your time.


Bob’s Blog

Bob’s Books


Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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