Sunday Evaluation

In a couple of hours, we will have our regularly scheduled production meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate the previous Sunday, look at this coming Sunday (the order and the completed message), and glance ahead to an upcoming series.  In the evaluation portion, here are the 15 questions that we will use to guide our discussion:

1.    Was there too many or two few announcements?
2.    Did the welcome accomplish the purpose?
3.    Was the quality of the music appropriate?
4.    Was the song selection appropriate and effective?
5.    Did people seem to connect emotionally and/or spiritually?
6.    Was the lobby welcoming and inviting?
7.    Did it seem that people were welcomed and accepted?
8.    Did kids check in run smoothly?
9.    Are there any distractions that need to be discussed?
10.    Were there any small things overlooked?
11.    Was the message and purpose clear?
12.    Were there any portions that were ineffective and/or unnecessary?
13.    What a clear action step presented?
14.    Were there any areas that were underprepared?
15.    What did other people have to say in their responses?


2 comments so far

  1. scott hodge on

    good stuff….thx for sharing!

  2. swcp on

    powerful questions. how long do you use those set of questions? or maybe how long have you used those questions? I’ve noticed that after a while we can tend to get stale in our evaluations and just go through the motions…

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