Two is Better than One

Sorry if this seems basic, but I met a pastor last week who was telling me that space became the issue that kept them from growing.  Later in the conversation, I found out that they were having just one service.

I am a huge fan of multiple services.  In fact, as we look to add locations, we will probably never start them without multiple services.  We went from one service to two services after 4 months, even though we technically didn’t need the adult space.  Multiple services are so good for the following reasons:

  • Your volunteers can attend once and serve the other.  We got rid of all hard-to-manage rotation schedules.
  • You’re already writing a message and the band is already learning the songs.  It’s not much more work to do it again.
  • You give your people options.  Some people like earlier services; others like to sleep in.
  • Multiple services communicate growth and excitement to the community.
  • It’s better stewardship.  Adding services is more cost effective than building larger buildings.  We will have 6 services on a weekend before building an $8 Million building.
  • Adding a second service isn’t as hard as you might think…you just double everything.

What other reasons would you add?


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  1. alex mclean on

    Yes, Yes, Yes. You’d think it was common sense, but people are still figuring this one out. Thanks for the practicality.

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