Launching Large: Part 1

Last year, I led a breakout session at the conference (a great conference for church planters, by the way).  I found my notes the other day and thought I would post some additional thoughts here in the hopes that this will help or encourage somebody.  Here’s principle 1:

Don’t just tell the vision, be the vision.

After our first preview service (I taught on the prodigal son), I was planning to talk about the core values and vision for our church at our second preview.  One of the members of our launch team said, “That’s cool and all, but I’m going to invite some people and I’m sure they would like for you to teach a real message.”

The it dawned on me…vision messages are important, but it’s more important for people to experience it.  I can talk about our core values, or I can just put them in play and let people see for themselves.  I’ve been guilty of telling people what we’re going to do, and while we must certainly communicate the why, people generally believe what they hear; they buy into what they see.

  • You may teach a message about your mission statement, but why not film a video of a personal story that embodies it.  Then point to the story and say “That’s the vision.”
  • You can talk about wanting to be a generous church.  But why not just give a few thousand dollars away and tell your church, “here’s what you guys did?”
  • You can talk all you want about the core value of excellence, but maybe you need to spend a little more money on printing and signage and show people.
Don’t just teach the vision; be the vision.

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