Sending Financial Statements

Nelson Searcy is a big advocate of sending out quarterly giving statements.  We do this once a year, like the IRS requires, but we’re thinking about taking his suggestions.  He says it’s a great opportunity to communicate vision and develop your givers.   Do you have any thoughts on this?


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  1. Michael on

    I like to give. But, I certainly don’t need to have something sent to me every 4 months telling me what I’m giving. I think this could turn some people off. Will people really look at a statement and think “wow I should give more, this next quarter is my quarter to give!”?

    They are either giving with the right heart or they are not. If they aren’t then will a statement help them give with the right heart?

    I love Nelson, and I too have been wrestling a little bit with this idea. As a church we are not at a point where this is an issue that I need to figure out. So, I may not be the right person to comment. But, these are my initial thoughts.

    Also, is there a better way to communicate vision and develop givers? I don’ know. But I can imagine that quarterly giving statements could come across as controlling and legalistic to some.

  2. Nelson Searcy on

    Thanks for the link! For me the issue is that quarterly giving statements are another way for me to communicate vision – not so much to ask for money.

    My mantra is ‘we report to those who support.’

    We’ve been doing it for 3 years to thousands of people and I’ve never had anyone complain or ask to be removed (except those who had moved away or joined other churches with out us knowing).

    Remember, my entire approach to Stewardship is that: Stewardship = Discipleship. I hate that Stewardship=Donor Development in most churches!

    I wish I could send our people quarterly statements that let them know how much they engaged in prayer, bible study, fasting and incarnational evangelism. Oh well, guess I’ll settle for stewardship.


    P.S. One side benefit to mid-year giving statements or even sending a 3rd Quarter giving statement is that it allows you to correct any errors before the year end statement. If you send it first class (which I always do with the 3Q giving statement) then you also get any new address info for your database.

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