Launching Large: Part 2

When it comes to promoting your church plant, or your big event for that matter, a lot of people look for the silver bullet.  I don’t think there’s a silver bullet…I think you need a six-shooter.  To use another metaphor, I wouldn’t look for the golden egg; I’d go buy a dozen.

I’m talking about promotion and advertising.  Instead of shelling out all of your money for one mailout, do three or four other things as well, even if it means sending out less postdcards.  In fact, if you’re going to do one postcard, I recommend cutting the size of your mailing list in half and sending the same people two cards.

When we launched public services a couple of years ago, we did a very small direct mail (we didn’t have the money for a larger one).  But we also put out a bunch of doorhangers and put out 100 road signs around town.  We showed up at every community event we could find and gave out helium balloons.  And we armed our people with invite cards.

Two years into it, we still do the road signs.  The last time we surveyed our people, 17% of them said they came because of one of those signs.  We still print invite cards for just about every series.  And we still show up at community events with helium balloons.  We print posters for our special events and hang them up around town.  We post event details on message boards and send press releases to the local papers (hey…that’s free!).  We look for lots of little ways to be a presence.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money; but you do need to think ahead and be creative.


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