I think shepherds know the condition of their flocks.  Or to put this in modern terms:  car dealerships know how many cars are on their lot.  So, we keep track of some different things.  We keep track of numbers, and I can report things like this:

  • On Sunday, there were 781 people at church.
  • That’s 93 people higher than our annual average.
  • This was a 25% increase over the same Sunday one year ago.
  • 23% of our adults attended the first service; 30% attended the second and 47% attended the third.
  • We received 10 competed first time guest cards.
  • 28% of our total attendance was preschool + elementary.
  • 80 people have indicated that they have prayed to receive Christ so far this year.
  • Out of 38 possible Connection volunteer spots (greeters, coffee, ushers, etc), 40 were filled.
  • Out of 47 possible KidVenture volunteer spots, 44 of them were filled.
  • I know what the offering was, what YTD giving is, and what our ten week average is.

I know numbers are not the only measurement of health, but they are a good start.  What kind of numbers do you track?


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  1. Travis Thompson on

    Let’s see – we track attendance and, uhhhh . . .


    We really stink at this. What I mean is, we have some rough ideas for most of those numbers, but we aren’t really measuring them like we should.

    Thanks for the ideas. I’m implementing some of these very soon!

  2. paulpeterson on

    Hey guys!

    Great post here. I particularly like the “What we need/what we have” comparison.

    One of the things that I wrestled most with in the role of lead pastor was the “must know” pieces of information.

    I finally settled on them and wrote about it (shameless plug alert) here –

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