Supporting Cast

The longer I have been in ministry the more I am convinced of a few things.  One, any church can grow no matter the style, the denomination, or the location.  Two, churches won’t grow without a lead pastor who possess an incredible God-given vision and passion to match.  Finally, it’s impossible to be a significant force and sustain sizable Kingdom gains without a great supporting cast.

It’s my conviction that if you find a great church, with a sharp leader, making significant gains for the Kingdom you will find a talented support staff.  Said another way, no Pastor can grow a church just by being a great teacher.  They won’t be able to sustain growth without a good ministry staff.  People won’t be effectively coached and discipled if it’s all suppose to happen through the Lead Pastor.

I am not in anyway trying to say anything about me…I doubt my abilities every day.  What I am convinced of is that most church staffers falls into two categories and are either a hindrance or catalyst to a church’s growth.  I think the following is a pretty accurate synopsis of the categories.

1. They are scaffolding.  They are talented, passionate, and hard-working, but their capacity will only allow them to lead at a limited level.  Basically, they can take you only so far, because either their leadership style or ability has cap.  They are vital, but they can also get in the way.

2. They are a catalyst.  They are also talented, passionate, and hard-working, but their capacity is greater then the first group of leaders.  In a nutshell, they can take a church to new highs, because they see solutions, can build strategies, and can motivate leaders.  Leaders won’t follow non-leaders.

This might not be rocket science, but it is Bibilical.

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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