where was your “Starting Point”?

Last week we started a “Starting Point Journey Group.”  It is a group that I will have the privilege to lead for a 6-7 week period. The SPG is designed to give long-time Christ Followers a fresh launch into their faith walk and help those starting out with their journey. This is what I absolutely get excited about, helping people learn to hunger for God as well as showing them how to get closer to Him through their own growing desire. We will limit these groups to 10 people and they will act as a fully functional group through the term. At the end of the term, I will invite several other Oak Leaf Pastors in for a Q&A session. My hope and dream is to have several of these groups going on through the year in multiple locations across the county. Once they have ompleted this group they will have experienced group life and can continue as a group or join a group that is already in excestence.

This is what we will cover during our group time:

* Scripture

* Creation

* Brokenness

* Promise

* Law

* Rebellion

* Grace

* Spirit

* Eternity

MItch Moyer

Connections Pastor


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