Through the Eyes of a Guest

When a guest comes to your church, there are lots of areas that we have to make an impression.  Most of us spend a lot of time evaluating our message and the music, but there are so many ways to connect with guests.  All these things happen before the first song is sung or before they hear a word of the sermon.

  • They receive an invitation.  Is it a personal invite?  Do your printed materials reflect your personality?  Are they interesting?  Is the person inviting excited?
  • They drive to the building.  Are there clear signs? Do they know where park?  Do they feel welcome as they drive on the property?
  • They walk to the front door?  Do they see the clear entrance or are there two of them?
  • They walk through the front door?  Are they greeted?  Is the greeter too excited?  Not excited enough?
  • They check in their kids?  Was the process smooth and clear?  Do they know what will happen in the event they are needed?  Do they know where and how to pick up their kids?  Are they confident in your kids ministry?
  • They meet people?  Are they getting a cup of coffee?  Are people talking to them?  Not just the staff or the volunteers, but the other people there?  Do your people know how be friendly?
  • They enter the worship center?  Do they get a handout?  Does it have too much info?  Too little?  Are you asking for birthdays and address info when you don’t really need it?  Is the room too dark?  Can they find a seat?

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  1. Chris W on

    This is an awesome collection of questions. I will add it to my series on Hospitality at my website. I have a free download that may be of help to churches

    Chris W

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