I expect the people that work for our church to always be prepared and to think through problems before they arise.  A few weeks ago, I wanted to illustrate the level of planning that I expected from them.  So we had a short brainstorm session to brainstorm a fake event.  Something that we will never implement…a flag football league for church planters.

We spent 30 minutes brainstorming, and then I spent a couple of hours over the next two weeks working on this thing.  I looked at finances, investigated rules, thought about scheduling, thought about who we would invite, and came up with a plan.  I took all of this information and put it into a report.

If I was serious about wanting to do this, I would take that report back to our guys and we’d discuss it in further detail.  I wanted to illustrate the amount of detail that should be brought to the table.  I wanted to show, not just tell, the guys what I’m expecting.

See, sometimes, it’s good to just throw an idea out there.  But when we’re considering changing curriculum, launching a new ministry, or doing a big event, I want our guys to answer questions in advance and bring all the available info to the table.  When we have good information, we can make better decisions.

In case you’re interested, here’s the proposal I created for the Church Planters Flag Football Association. CPFFA


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