Launching Large 4: Sunday

Again, this might be simple advice, but it’s often overlooked.  As a church plant, I think you should focus 80% of your energy on getting ready for Sunday.  This is the time when most people will connect with your church for the first time.  So, you need to do everything you can to have a good Sunday service.  It really doesn’t matter if you have great accounting or accountability or small groups or anything else if people come to a sucky Sunday service and never come back to your church.

In the early months when money was tight (come to think of it, that hasn’t changed), we had to make many judgement calls on money.  We always cut the things not related to Sunday.  For example, should we get an office copier or a few new lights?  Well, lights make Sunday better…a copier saves me a trip to Kinkos…so we went with Sunday.

Here’s some other things you can do to make Sunday count.

  • Resist the urge to do other things instead of working on your message.  If you’re the pastor, your message is your bread and butter, and it can’t suffer because you’re trying to learn how to work Quickbooks.
  • The message is bigger than the sermon.  Your greeters, music, and exit greeters are reinforcing the days message.  Are the bathrooms clean?  Are your signs clear?
  • Don’t try and act like a real church, except on Sunday.  You can’t compete with the church down the street offering ladies ministry, awanas, financial counseling and recovery ministry.  Don’t even try!  Focus on Sunday until you get it down.
  • Make sure everyone on staff has key, visible places of leadership on Sunday.  I had our Executive Pastor running kids check in for a while.  Everybody on staff works from 6am-1pm on Sundays.  They don’t leave when church is over to have lunch with people…they stay to help tear down.
  • Spend time in staff meetings talking about how to make Sunday better.  Evaluate ruthlessly.
  • Improve visible things.  Changing a few signs can be an inexpensive way to make improvements.
  • Hire a band.  In the early days of not having a worship leader, we just hired bands to lead for us on Sunday mornings.  We just pretended like they were our worship leaders.

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