Launching Large 5: Don’t Do It

As a church plant, everything you do will be for the first time.  This makes each decision infinitely more important, and that much tougher.  You will face the temptation to start programs and ministries, because that’s what other churches do.

Don’t do it.

In addition to focusing hard on Sunday, you have to purposely turn off some other things.  But I want to take it a litte deeper than that, because even when it comes to Sunday, you’re not going to be able to do everything as well as you would like to do it.

That’s why you play to your strengths.

Do what you do well, and just get by on the other things.  And don’t feel guilty about it.  If you’re a great speaker, but your music isn’t where you want it, don’t try and have 30 minutes of worship becaues that’s what Hillsong does.  Do a few songs and get on with it.  If you don’t have a video guy that can produce amazing videos, don’t have amazing video.  Focus on what you do well, and develop the rest.  If you don’t have someone on your staff passionate about groups, don’t try and start groups…focus on something that you can do well.

The other important stuff will come to the surface over time.


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