Thank You Notes

In this age of e-mail and text messages, I think most people underestimate the value of a personal, hand-written thank you notes.  Stats show that only 1 out of 100 pieces of mail are personal correspondence, and that most people go to their mailbox hoping for something personal.  In other words, you can often make people’s day just by writing them a note.  I have a folder in my office containing thank you notes people have sent me.  I’ve even gotten a thank you note in return for sending a thank you note!

An e-mail just isn’t the same…it’s too easy and it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch.  Here’s a few tips for integrating thank you notes into your schedule.

  • Ask your staff who needs a personal thank you from the pastor.
  • On Monday morning, write five thank you notes.  Make it part of your Monday routine.
  • Get good stationary from a stationary store, or have some made with your name or initials.
  • In your staff meeting, hand out thank you notes and have everyone write one or two right there on the spot.
  • Send notes to children and teenagers, not just adults.

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