what does a connections pastor do pt.2

Part of the success of my areas of ministry “assimilating people into the life of the church and impacting the community that we serve in” is seeing attainable goals reached regularly. Here are eight of my current goals for the rest of this year. Keeping these in front of myself daily will keep me clear on task and will assure that people are connecting and becoming part of the church family. Helping their personal faith walks and assuring that we serve our community purposefully.

1. Develop 6 Ushers per service (including the House of Rock).  The first service may need only 4, but we need 6 for the other two.  The House of Rock services are up for debate.
2. Get the Baptism and Salvation numbers to improve by 10-17%.  We currently have a 33% ratio of Salvations to Baptisms and it needs to be above 40% by the end of the year.  Next year we will need to get it above 50%.
3. Schedule and run at least 2 more Partnership Classes by the end of the year.
4. Develop a report and a strategy to determine the health of Oak Leaf Church partners.  Provide information on how many of them are active (giving, serving, in a group, attending, etc.).  In the future this should happen once a quarter.
5. We need to add a minimum of 50 new partners by the end of the year.
6. Create a spreadsheet to track and report the 10-week average fill rate for connections ministry (ushers, greeters, information table, etc.).  Provide a key that shows how you come up with your number and then record the numbers.  The 10-week average needs to stay above 90%.
7. Have at least 2 volunteers per service at the information table.
8. Develop a comprehensive Community Service Plan.  Include the goals, purpose, and dates.  It needs to be comprehensive and thorough.  We need to know if it was a success.

Mitch Moyer  connections pastor


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