How Many Hours Do You Work?

If you’re a full-time pastor or minister, how many hours do you work each week?  Before answering, consider this?

  • Don’t count reading your Bible for personal growth.
  • Don’t count lunch-hour unless it’s really work?  And just because it’s work-related doesn’t mean it’s really work.
  • Factor in studying for sermons, having meetings, reading work-related stuff.
  • Don’t count drive time, or getting ready time, or time en route to church.
  • Factor in counseling, appointments and work related meetings.
  • Factor out your smalll group, your accountability meeting, and catching up with friends at Starbucks.
  • Figure out how much reading and studying your Bible is work and factor that in.
  • Factor out blogging or twittering, writing your book or recording your CD.

So, how many hours do you work?


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  1. alex on

    I’m right at 40-50 per week. And I am not proud to work more than 40. I have a constant battle to delegate, let go, release, train others, whatever to handle the load of my position. I used to work 60-70 hours a week consistently, giving my family and friends leftovers, which wasn’t much, very detrimental to my family, and a poor example to others.

    I do have my google reader organized so that there’s certain categories that I read that I consider ‘work’ because I learn new ideas and make great network connections.

    I agree that you can’t count small groups, prayer groups, etc. Things that we expect people who hold full time jobs to be a part of.

    I think one tough thing is that I love what I do. So I wish for more hours in a day!

  2. Chris on

    Wow – no replies yet?? 🙂

    I don’t track all of my hours but I would guess that minus all of this stuff it’s probably 40-45.

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