Celebrate Wins

I believe that we should look back (celebrate wins) as much as we look ahead (communicate vision).  For most of us, vision is more exciting.  We’re driven people and always thinking ahead.  But we must realize that we’re probably thinking way ahead of our people.  We are on to the next thing while they are wondering what happened at the last thing.

For this reason, we should remind people of what we did, not just tell them what we’re going to do.  For every announcement, there should be a recap or a story.

If you spend two weeks encouraging people to be baptized, why not celebrate it for two weeks after the fact?  Celebrating that win (looking back) will actually reinforce the vision of your church.

If you push a marriage class for three weeks, why not tell stories that come out of that class for the next three?

Don’t let a win go by without celebrating it.


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