Planning a Teaching Calendar

In preparation for a creative planning retreat in a couple of weeks, where we will lay out the 2009 teaching calendar by asking the question, “What does God want us to teach in 2009,” we surveyed our email database and got about 200 responses.  We asked them to choose their top three topics from this list:

•    Marriage
•    Finances
•    Faith and Doubt
•    The End Times
•    Parenting
•    Cultural Issues (racism, abortion, homosexuality, etc)
•    Finding God’s Will

The most requested topic was Faith and Doubt.  Second place, just slightly behind, was Finding God’s Will.  And the third most requested topic from this list was The End Times.

It’s interesting to me that the top three topics were more spiritual or Biblical issues, ranked higher than what most people would consider practical, felt-need issues like money or parenting.

This seems to confirm what Willow Creek found in the Reveal study as reported in Follow Me.  People want their church to help them grow spiritually…to help them take a next step in their faith.  According to the study, involving more than 80,000 church attenders, people want their church to help them understand the Bible.  Willow also found that while this is what people wanted most from their church, they also felt like they weren’t getting it.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t need help with their finances or in raising their kids, but it does mean that the #1 thing they want is for their church to lead them spiritually.


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