Say it smaller?

If you’re like me, there’s the temptation to announce a lot of stuff on the weekends.  Even in a simple church, there’s a lot of things that you want your people to now.  For example, right now, here’s what I feel like Oak Leafers need to know:

  • We are beginning work on House of Rock next week.
  • I need you to give to the Redemption Campaign.
  • We need candy for Halloween outreach.
  • We are baptizing this Sunday.
  • Fuel is Wednesday night.
  • We have a Leadership Summit this Sunday Night.
  • We need help cleaning out the House of Rock so work can begin.
  • We have some volunteer needs in KidVenture.
  • I could go on…

So on Sunday, the temptation is to try and mention all this stuff from the stage.  We will focus on the important ones, but let’s at least mention the smaller ones.  Right?

Nope.  The more little things you mention, the less important your big thing becomes.  Instead of figuring out how to add the announcement as a “by the way,” what we should do is not say it at all.  We shouldn’t say it quicker, we shouldn’t even say it.

So this weekend, we will only focus on one of those announcements from the stage (The Redemption Campaign).  We’ll try and find other ways to communicate the other stuff.


2 comments so far

  1. Shannon Lewis on

    Man, glad someone else is struggling with this as well. It’s so easy to go absolute overkill with announcement, and we all think it’s all so important, but then no one remembers any of them!

  2. worshipcity on

    So I’m with you but am curious, how did it work?
    How’d you make sure people knew about the little things without minimizing the big thing? Was it effective?

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