Killing the Connection Card

About ten weeks ago, we made the decision to kill the handout and connection card in our services.  No handouts, no fill-in-the-blank communication cards.  We’re pushing people to the Next Step area where there is a real person, and to the web and weekly email where there are all the announcements.

We’re still evaluating, but I thought I would update you on one facet.

For the previous ten weeks, we’ve gotten information from an average of 9.8 first time guest families.  This happens when they check in kids, stop by the Next Step table, or write a check.

For the ten weeks before that (when we had the connection card in our services), we had an average of 9.36 contacts a week.

Our attendance has gone up a little bit during that time, so it’s not exactly a wash, but it’s pretty close.  We will keep tracking some stuff and seeing what we can learn.  Having no handout and no connection card in a church like ours is kind of risky, but we haven’t seen a big backlash or a huge drop in information collected.


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