4 Services on Sunday Morning


Yesterday, we announced that we’re starting a 4th service at the movie theater.  We are pretty full across the board, so we need more space for people to attend.  This was our solution.

Basically, we are setting up two identical theaters for adults.  Two sound systems.  Two stages.  Two lighting rigs.  Two sets of volunteers.  And two bands.  Both services will be exactly the same, and we’ll be able to get 4 services into about 3 hours.

I will move back and forth and teach live in each service.  We will eventually experiment with some video, but we thought live was a better option for us right now.  (Hey, if drunk bands can play music for 4 hours straight in clubs, I figure I can talk about Jesus four times in a row.)

We are formatting all the services like this:  15, 30, 15.  15 minutes of music and worship, plus the welcome.  Then 30 minutes for the message.  Then 15 minutes for the “wrap up” and some additional worship.  This format will allow the service times to overlap.

In case you want to know more, here are some answers to some questions that we put together for our people:


What are the new service times? 9:30, 10:00, 10:45 and 11:15.  This means that we will have four great times for people to come to church.  All four of the services will be one hour long, just like now.

How is this going to work?  We will set up Theater 8 and Theater 12 in the exact same way.  Two stages.  Two sound systems.  Two sets of lights.   The rooms will be nearly identical.  There will be a worship leader and band in each theater, and Michael will teach live.  Overlapping services will allow us to fit four services in three hours.

Why are we doing this?  We’re more than 80% full at the movie theater in three services and the House of Rock isn’t going to be ready in January, which is one of the most important times of the year in our church.  We don’t think it’s a good option to tell people to “go away,” and we want to do everything we can to provide a place for people in Cartersville to hear about the grace of God.

Isn’t this plan a little crazy?  Absolutely.   It’s bold, audacious and crazy.  But we’ve never been afraid to try things in order to reach people for Christ, and we aren’t going to stop now.

What about preschoolers?  Just check in your kids at least 10 minutes before the service starts and take them to their class.   There will be signs in the classroom to guide you.  You can pick them up from that same room when the service is over.  The important thing is to arrive at least ten minutes early.

What about elementary kids?  The City will be divided into two areas.  Depending on what service you attend, your child will either attend the large group or the small group first.  If that sounds confusing, don’t worry.  The volunteers at KidVenture check in will make sure you know what to do each morning. The important thing is to arrive at least ten minutes early.

What if I am late?  If you’re more than 10 minutes late for a service, don’t worry.  You’re actually early for the next service!  For example, at 10:55, the volunteers at KidVenture check in will stop checking in kids for the 10:45 service.  We’ll do this to maintain the continuity of each KidVenture environment.  Doors to the adult service will close 15 minutes after the service begins.  In other words, it’s important that you’re early or on time.

I’m a part of the setup team.  What time do I get there now?  Since the first service begins at 9:30 instead of 8:45, most of the Crew can arrive at 6:00am.   Here’s the early morning schedule:
•    5:30 – trucks arrive, unloading begins
•    6:00 – stage setup in all three theaters (two for adults, one for elementary)
•    6:30 – production crew arrives
•    6:30 – KidVenture setup begins
•    7:00 – call time for musicians
•    8:00 – production meeting and service run thru
•    9:00 – Huddle meetings and prayer time

What’s going to happen when the House of Rock is completed?  This plan is designed to bridge the gap, so when we gain the seats that the House of Rock will provide, we will adjust the schedule.

How can I help?  To pull this off, we need about 60 volunteers.  Oak Leaf Church is fueled by amazing volunteers…people who leverage their time, talents and energy into serving others and building the Kingdom.  If you’re interested in serving in one of these areas, just email jody@oakleafchurch.com and he will connect you with the right person.
•    Host Team (greeters, ushers, coffee) – 20 people
•    Production – 10 people
•    Preschool – 15 people
•    Elementary – 10 people
•    Kids Check In – 5 people
•    Setup and Tear Down – 7 people


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