Philosophical Language

environment (not class)
environment (not Sunday School)
auditorium (not sanctuary)
invite (not recruit)
ministry teams (not committees)
receive the offering (not take the offering)
handout (not bulletin or program)
opportunity (not need)

What about you? What intentional language do you use or avoid?


3 comments so far

  1. Jason Curlee on

    experience (not service)

  2. Jon Hamp on

    Life Transformation (not sanctification)
    Cross the line of faith (not get saved)
    Follow Christ (not get saved)
    Gathering (not service)
    Creative Arts (not worship or music dept.)

    I’m sure there’s more…. thanks for the great posts- I’m eating them up- YUM!

  3. jared on

    auditorium (referring to the room with the screen)
    theater (the building itself)


    Theater (referring to both the screening room and the building. Very confusing)

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