Tell me how I am doing!!

I don’t know if there is a more effective tool in all of leadership then feedback.  You can give all of the directives, make them read all of the books, listen to a great sermon, but your staff will never know if it really paid off until you tell them how they are doing.  If you have kids you do it naturally, because you are desperately trying to build their confidence and feed their self-worth.  I would ask, why do we stop with the people that we lead?  They can’t lead a ministry for years on the accolades of their high school baseball coach or their Mom’s gleeful smiles when they got the main role in the high school play.

At Oak Leaf, we don’t necessarily do anything so much better then any other church, but I do use two tools to make sure that I am properly investing in our staff.

One is the 6-Month Staff Evaluation and the other is a Health Report (you will have to e-mail me for that) that tells me if I am regularly investing in them as a person and a Pastor.  The Health Report gives me a couple categories of investment and feedback and let’s me put in dates to track my deposits into their well-being.

Use these tools and I’m sure your staff will appreciate it!

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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