Speaking Schedule

Looking back on 2008, I spoke a total of 45 Sundays at Oak Leaf Church. For those of you that don’t like math, that means I was not teaching live 7 times.

I was on vacation two of those Sundays, speaking elsewhere on two of those Sundays, on a mission trip one of those Sundays, in the audience listening to someone teach one of those Sundays and just doing nothing on the other one.

We had two special guests that we brought in from the outside. Other pastors covered four of those Sundays. And I did one message via video.

That seems pretty healthy to me, but I’m curious what you think? For those of you who are pastor-types, do you speak more or less? And who speaks when you’re not there?


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  1. erickyp on

    3 years into it and this year I spoke 39 times. So I did not speak for 13 Sundays.
    4 were guest speakers and 1 of those was video during the One Prayer and I was not there for that one.

    7 Sunday’s were one of my associates and 2 times was the other.

    I was gone a total of 7 Sunday’s with 2 being a missions trip. 2 speaking somewhere else and 3 for vacation.

  2. Zach Terry on

    That seems pretty balanced to me. I think it’s good for you to have a break and it’s good for your congregation to hear from other sources. It’s unhealthy for them to get all of their teaching from one guy.

    Also, I’ve always admired guys who will allow someone they consider a better communicator or at least more gifted in one way or another to speak in their absence. The congregation is often more gracious when the guest speaker is a really gifted communicator.

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