Stage Right Staging For Sale

We have NINE 4×8 sections of Stage Right heavy-duty staging that we purchased used about a year ago for $8,500. Together, it makes a 12 foot x 24 foot stage. The legs extend from 24 – 36 inches. This is industry standard stuff – you could park a car on it. We used it in the movie theater. Selling for $6,000 if you’re interested.


7 comments so far

  1. B Rothrmel on

    What is the surface of the stage, carpet or laminate?

    • Michael on

      it’s just solid wood on a metal frame. there is a set of steps.

  2. B Rothrmel on

    can you send a picture?…Where is the stage located?

  3. B Rothrmel on

    is the stage still available?

    • Michael on

      still have the stage right staging…$5,000 for all of it.

  4. B Rothrmel on

    I am very interested…where are you located?…how do I contact you?

    • Michael on

      you can send me an email: michael at oakleafchurch dot com. we’re in cartersville, georgia.

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