Last Sunday of the Year + Inclement Weather

I know a lot of churches shut down the last Sunday of the year, a trend that I think Northpoint started or at least made popular. The idea is to give staff and volunteers a Sunday off, and since people work hard at Christmas and kick things off again in January, the break can be good.

I think this is a fine idea, but we don’t do it. I decided a while ago that I get 52 chances a year to do what we do and I want to take advantage of every one. I’m not shutting down because some people will be out of town…Sunday is game day. I don’t feel the need to give our volunteers a day off because they love what they do as much as I love what I do. And our volunteers are always free to take days off throughout the year. Some people may think that it’s about the money…that we can’t go without a week’s offering and that honestly has nothing to do with it. I know that there will be guests on the last Sunday of the year and that there’s a chance people will meet Jesus.

Somewhat related to this belief is our bad weather policy. We will NEVER cancel services for bad weather. People should be safe as they drive and plan accordingly, but we will always have church. I remember last year when area churches all canceled services, but we stood in there. We had a higher attendance than usual and a great Sunday. Rain, wind, snow, ice…this is North Georgia! If it’s just me and eight guys in their F-250’s, we’re having church!

I’m not saying our way is right or someone else is wrong…it’s just what we do.


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