Last Sunday of the Year = No Services?

I know there are a lot of churches that cancel services on the last Sunday of the year, and I’m not dogging that.  Here’s why we don’t do it.

Sunday only happens once a week, and we want to use every opportunity we have to gather people to hear about Jesus.  People generally go to church on Sunday, and we gear up for 52 big days every single year.

The most common reason people site for canceling services is to honor and thank all their volunteers. While I understand the sentiment, I don’t really get the point.  Our volunteers love to serve and they look forward to Sundays.  Plus, killing people for 51 weeks and then giving them a week off isn’t really appreciating them.  Your volunteers should always be able to take a week if necessary.

There’s a good chance that guests and people who need Jesus would attend your church on the last Sunday of the year.

Not everybody goes out of town or checks out.  In fact, in this economy, I bet more people stayed home and would appreciate something to do that doesn’t involve going to the mall.  We nearly had our ten week average attendance on the last Sunday of the year.

It’s a great opportunity to do something special – like the Lord’s Supper (like we did), or look back on what God did in your church during the year (like NewSpring did).

By the way, I don’t think churches that cancel services are less spiritual or don’t care about reaching lost people.  I’m just sharing a few reasons off the top of my head why we do church at the end of the year.


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  1. Carl Thomas on

    The last Sunday of the year just happens to be the Sunday after Christmas. You know, the service that you encouraged all your people to invite guests? The week the guests are most likely to come back on?

    From a strictly marketing perspective it seems to be a bad idea.

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