The Third Thing

If you’re like most churches, then your Sunday service has music and teaching. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the third element. Sure…we try to make the music and the message creative, interesting, relevant, truthful, authentic and all that. But as I look back on our 2 1/2 years worth of services, the ones that had a 3rd element are often the most memorable. Here’s some things that we’ve done or that we’re thinking about doing:

  • A scripture reading as a part of the worship set
  • Silly videos like this one, this one and this one
  • Text to screen during the sermon or during worship
  • A goofy game
  • Elementary kids singing…helping lead the church in worship
  • A drumline or cheerleaders interrupting the welcome
  • A personal testimony or story

What about you?  What have you done in your worship services that isn’t worship or teaching?


3 comments so far

  1. Carl Thomas on

    Testimonies, lots of testimonies

  2. aldancyspeaks on

    We had a couple people dress in Monk robes, carrying candles and come down our 2 center aisles. They went to the front of our stage and lit the 20 or so candles that were set up around the edge of the stage. This set a pretty incredible mood for the day and made for a great service.

  3. Scott M. on

    @speaks that would freak me out a little.

    1. Recently, we’ve added silent Scripture throughout the service. We build a longer than normal intro into each song (or most songs) and while we’re playing through it, the Scripture (applicable to the next song or overall theme for the morning) is displayed on the screen as if it were worship lyrics.

    2. Since most of our staff are really young, we’ve purposefully scheduled some of our older men to pray before the message. They step up ONLY to pray. It’s pretty cool when the older guys get up there to pray right after we rock out some U2 or Lee McDerment.

    We purposefully keep our services REALLY simple and focused. We won’t be able to do it like this for much longer, since it’s more appropriate for smaller churches and we’re growing pretty rapidly lately.

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