Sound, Stage and Video Stuff For Sale

Garage sale time at Oak Leaf Church…cleaning out the storage units in time for spring.  Here’s some of what we’ve got that we can sell…


11 pieces of 4’x8′ Stage Right staging (heavy duty, with legs) $5000.

4 pieces of 4’x8′ staging that folds out like a heavy folding table.  $300 for all of it.

39 pieces of 4’x4′ bijax stage decks with various size legs, bracing and parts…$4000 for all of it.

4 pieces of 4’x4′ Road Ready Intellistage with Road Ready case and 18″ fold out legs  $1000

8 pieces of 3’x3′ Road Ready Intellistage with Road Ready case and 8″ fold out legs $1500


1 Yamaha M3000 40-channel mixing console with power supply $2000

1 Macke 8-bus 32 channel console w/ power supply and road ready case $1000

1 Yamaha GA-24/12 24-channal mixing console with built in power supply $500

1 Peavey PV2600 amp $100

1 QSC MX 1500a amp $200

4 JBL SR-X SR4733x speaker cabinets $600 each

4 JBL MR MR935 speaker cabinets $250 each

8 Sonic 18′ folded horn subs $250 each


2 16′ x 9′ stumpfl rear projection screens with cases and stands (actual size is 16×9) $1500 each


6 comments so far

  1. pastor Sam on

    I’ll take the $300 worth of staging (4’x8′ fold out legs), and the Mackie board for $1,000.
    Sam Blowes

  2. Real Life on

    Our church is interested in the projection screens. Let us know how we can connect up with you.

  3. aldancyspeaks on

    How old is the QSC amp? Also, can it be shipped, at my cost of course?

    Al Dancy

  4. bill streger on

    Interested in the 3×3 staging, but we are in TX. How would shipping work?

  5. Chris Hill on

    Are you willing to split up the 39 pieces of 4×4 staging? We are in need of a stage, but don’t have the room or money for all 39 pieces. Let me know! thx

  6. roger on

    Can I get more details on the exact invertory of the StageRight stuff

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