Hiring Process

Getting a job at Oak Leaf Church is a big deal.  We all work hard, and our mission is very important.  Honestly, it’s tough to get a job here and I’d say that 90% of people that work at other churches wouldn’t make the cut.  Most of our staff is hired from within, meaning that they are already volunteering, serving and giving before joining the staff team.  Here’s a run down of our hiring process.

1. Create job profile (not job description, but a write up of the kind of person we are looking for)
2. Receive resume and supporting materials
3. Answer preliminary questions via email
4. “Get to know you” chat with someone on staff.
5. Review Job Description and salary range.
6. Ask them to fill out an Oak Leaf Church Application.
7. Interview with supervisor, in person or via phone.
8. Spiritual Gifts Inventory at http://www.churchgrowth.org and Ministry Insights Assessment.
9. In person interview or conference call with Lead Team (or some other team if it’s more appropriate)
10. Executive Pastor checks references.
11. Strengthfinders test
12. Talk to advisory team if it’s a pastor position.
13. In-person visit (includes Sunday morning) and meeting with Lead Team
14. Spouse/Family get together.
15. Tweak job description based on person’s strengths.
16. Counselor evaluation.
17. Background and credit check
18. Review salary package.
19.  You’re hired.


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